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Tartu Turg on müügikeskkond, mis on tuntud ja tunnustatud kogu Lõuna-Eestis

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Market Story

Tartu markets are located in the city center on the banks of the Emajõgi River – the market building is on Vabaduse Boulevard, and the Open Market is behind Dorpat. The historic Market Hall is also known as one of the city's tourist attractions due to the Rose the Market Pig sculpture. The market is valued by visitors as a place for spending time, socializing, and shopping.
A conscious buyer appreciates not only good goods but also pleasant interactions during the purchase, a nice and comfortable sales location, and a wide selection. When it comes to food products, freshness, taste, price, trust, and locality are considered important. By choosing products and communicating directly with sellers, one can get tips and recommendations at the market that cannot be obtained in a store. In addition to buying goods, people spend enjoyable time at the market with their families, eat, and interact with vendors. People at the market like to share their experiences – to talk about how the food turned out and how it tasted. The market is a lively sharing economy that has been functioning for centuries.

Market Mission

The mission of Tartu Market is to create a shopping experience and promote local trade culture, offering good farm and garden produce as well as handicrafts, and educating all parties on the use of ingredients in healthy eating. The market supports budding producers and traders, providing them with a favorable trading environment for daily interaction with buyers. We are a springboard for aspiring entrepreneurs, and our goal is to be the number one choice for small traders in Southern Estonia. We have permanent traders with rental contracts and guest traders with daily tickets – a very simple and flexible system. For farms and craftswomen, the market is often the only permanent sales location, as procurement contracts with large retail chains are risky for small producers and opening their own store is too expensive.

Controlled Quality

The heart of the market is its well-known traders – a large number of the permanent traders are entrepreneurs: they grow, process, stock, and enhance the food products that reach the stalls, either alone or with their families. The quality mark for fresh and local farm produce is the Market Seal. For example, from Kastre municipality, the vegetable grower Lättekivi Farm (Kaarlimõisa Aiasaadused OÜ) trades seasonally at the Open Market and holds the Market Seal.

The market is open every day! Some of the well-known events organized by Tartu Market include Estonian Tastes in the Market Hall before the Republic Day, the Strawberry Drive-In in June, Latvian Taste Days in November, and the Christmas Hustle in December. Larger crowds gather at the Spring, Hanseatic, St. Mary's, and Christmas Fairs organized by the market. These events take place from the Open Market to Town Hall Square and from the Emajõgi River to Küüni Street.

Market Tempel

The opinion and feedback of visitors are important to Tartu Market, and we also take them into account in our developments.

  • The main differences between a market and a conventional store are:
  • We have special local products that you can't find in conventional stores.
  • We have a culture of interactive trading, where sellers share the stories and recommendations of their products.
  • The market is open every day – new traders and goods, events, and fresh offers from permanent traders.

The market's own publication

At Tartu Market, there is also its own publication called Market Gazette. The purpose of the publication is to keep visitors informed about what's happening at the market: to provide information about events, introduce traders, and of course, present great offers.