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Outdoor market

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June 23-24, the entire market will be CLOSED for Midsummer celebrations.
20-22. juuni on Turuhoone avatud kella 17:00-ni.

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Tartu Market is a sales environment known and recognized throughout Southern Estonia. We are a great alternative especially to shopping centers, but also to smaller stores. Our goal is to create direct contact between raw food producers and end consumers.


Here you'll find our latest and freshest recipes. Take a look for more and find something delightful to cook!


Tartu Market creates and develops an environment that brings together high-quality goods with known origins and delivers them to the community.

We are honest and ethical.
We operate responsibly.
We are innovative and continuously evolving.



Market newspapper is the voice of Tartu Market, published once a month. In the publication, we cover market news and information about upcoming events, and, of course, there are also great offers.


Much has been written about Tartu, its commerce less so, and even less about market trade. Yet the market has played a significant role in the life of the city. So that today's residents of Tartu could appreciate the changes in the local market trade and for market workers to have grounds to remember the past – this compelled us to write about the Tartu market. Time urges us to hurry, as there are fewer and fewer who could assist in this work. Through the following texts and pictures, we will take a glimpse into the past and present of Tartu's market trade, its people, sales booths, and goods.


Frequently Asked Questions

Siit leiad vastused korduma kippuvatele küsimustele. Juhul kui soovite infot mõne muu teema kohta, võtke meiega julgesti ühendust!

  • How to come to the market?

    More detailed information can be found here!

  • What trading spots are available at the market and at what prices?

    See detailed information: here!

  • Is ... the product available at the market and at what price?

    See detailed information: at our Facebook page and directly from the trader. There are hundreds of different traders at the Tartu market, and product prices vary depending on the quantity purchased, time of day, and bargaining. The market is known for its interactive trading culture – buyers can get good explanations about the products from the sellers and have the opportunity to bargain. AS Tartu Turg does not sell products; we create the market trading environment.

  • Can I walk my dog at the market?

    Tartu market is a public place, and like other public spaces, well-behaved pets that are properly managed by their owners are always welcome!

  • The goods were of poor quality.

    We apologize for the situation you encountered. The market itself does not sell anything but rents out sales booths. While in the past, markets were required to check the quality of the goods sold, under current laws, markets do not have that authority. Inspectors from the Agricultural Board conduct quality control of the goods sold. We would be very grateful if we could receive specific feedback from buyers regarding the traders. Find the trader here.

  • Where is the nearest ATM located? Which traders only accept cash?

    Lingid: pangaautomaatide kaardile ja kpl-jate nimekirjale (kus kirjas, kes kauplevad ainult sularahas).

  • What does the market do for environmental protection?

    5 environmental steps:
    Less packaging: Much of the merchandise is sold loose and without packaging. The buyer can choose whether to use their own container, have their purchase packed in our reusable cardboard box, or have the purchase packaged.

    Waste sorting and recycling: We collect biodegradable waste, cardboard boxes, glass containers, and household waste separately. Cardboard boxes are recycled. We reduce the proportion of household waste by sorting packaging.

    There is a lot of local produce at the market: what is produced and grown in Estonia is fresh and healthy, and its supply chain is short – there are no long distances or gaps. Of course, the buyer has a choice, but we recommend choosing locally grown produce. By consuming local farm produce, you support Estonian rural life, which is an important part of an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

    Developing cooperation: To reduce food waste, there is a food-sharing cabinet in front of the market hall, where market traders and others can place food, and those in need can get groceries. You can also help by bringing suitable food to the collection cabinet. In front of the market hall and the open market, there are yellow packaging recycling bins where you can place Ringo food containers. In collaboration with several local communities and institutions, we are shaping the surroundings of the market hall and the open market to be greener, creating an environment rich in biodiversity

    Reducing energy consumption: In this area, the main focus is on daily monitoring and conservation of electricity, as well as investments in heat recovery from various devices.

Le marché couvert de la ville! avec nombres de stands et échoppes de vente fruits, légumes, épices, pâtisseries, poissons et viandes. C'est très propre et bien agencée, fonctionnel, ça donne envie d'y faire des achats.
Aleksander Alavere
Aleksander Alavere
Kalavalik väga hea! Üldiselt valik piisavalt hea.
Martin Jaakson
Martin Jaakson
Hea valik liha ja juurikaid. Kuid müüjaid jääb järjest vähemaks
Aivar Känd
Aivar Känd
Reimo Kukk
Reimo Kukk
Üldiselt rahuldav, vaid korra: üks kelm kalaleti müüja sokutati vanaks läinud suitsetatud meriahvena mulle koju kaasa ning too soniga "vanamees" müüs kotitäie erisorti kartuleid. Igat müüat ei tohi usaldada! Parklast välja sõites pole esimesel autol võimalik foorituld näha,et tekib iga 10min tagant pisikene kaos?
Carlos Pérez Carmona
Carlos Pérez Carmona
Careful, in some vegetables stands they will try to charge much more to foreigners


The market team

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Administrative and Development Manager and Market Hall Inquiries
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Maris Kottisse

Executive Assistant
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Alla Pae

Customer Manager and Open Market Inquiries, Questions about Fairs
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Olev Pärn

Technical Manager

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